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Pipe Descaling in Arlington

Pipe Descaling in Arlington

Are you having all sorts of plumbing problems? Have plumbers told you that you need to descale your plumbing pipes in Arlington but you’re not sure what that means?

At The Pipe Doctor, we can help you with all of your pipe descaling needs. We’ll inspect your lines, then get straight to work. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about descaling your plumbing pipes!

What is Pipe Descaling?

Lots of water and/or debris flow through your pipes every day. Over time, the water can deposit minerals which then trap small pieces of debris. This creates a hard coat around the inside of your pipes, called “scale”. Layers and layers of scale can build up on top of one another until your pipe diameter is compromised.

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This causes all sorts of problems. If it happens in your fresh water pipes, you won’t be able to get the water you need. If it happens in your sewer pipe, your sewer can back up or you can have all sorts of drainage problems.

When we descale your plumbing pipes, we simply remove these layers until your pipe’s inside surface is clean again. This allows for water and debris to flow freely through them so you don’t have plumbing issues anymore.

How to Get Your Pipes Descaled

There are several ways to descale your plumbing pipes in Arlington. Our plumbers are experts in deciding how to descale pipes, based on how much scale there is and what type of pipe it is. For instance, we may attack descaling a sewer pipe differently than we would an indoor pipe.

Most of the time, we use pressurized water or chemical solvents to get rid of your scale. Using the water is called hydro jetting. We’ll aim the pressurized stream of water at your scale until it breaks up. Then, we’ll remove the scale from your pipes or wash it further down the line so it can’t cause future problems. Whenever possible, we’ll avoid using chemicals in your fresh water pipes!

The first step toward descaling plumbing pipes is to give us a call. Our expert Arlington area plumbers will work with you to get everything flowing freely through your plumbing once again. Schedule your pipe descaling in Arlington today!

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