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Sewer Line Video Inspections in Arlington

An image of sewer line video inspection equipment in Arlington.

Are you purchasing a new house in Arlington? If you are, then it might be a good choice to get a sewer line camera inspection in Arlington before you complete your transaction, just to ensure that there aren’t any issues with the home.

You can also use a drain camera inspection in Arlington to find lost items or perform sewer maintenance. After all, a single tree root can wreak havoc with plumbing.

What is a Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection?

A sewer pipe camera inspection in Arlington lets you see the inside of your entire sewer line. It shows you if you require sewer repairs, and it also shows you if there are major clogs or blockages that you need to address.

Give us a call at The Pipe Doctor to schedule your sewer pipe camera inspection in Arlington. The camera will record what it sees, and you will get a copy to keep. We’ll let you know if we see any places where you require a sewer repair.

When Do I Need a Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection?

Many people schedule a sewer line camera inspection in Arlington before they buy a new house. Sewer repairs can take a lot of time and money to address. Problems in the sewer line might make you reconsider the purchase, or move you to ask the current owners to fix things before you buy.

Other people choose a sewer pipe camera inspection in Arlington when they suspect there are issues with their sewer line in a house they already own. Sending a camera down the line is an easy way to see what the issue is, and gives us information we need to to help you determine how to repair it.

The following problems can indicate the need for sewer repair. If you’re experiencing any of these, contact our drain inspection service in Arlington for a sewer camera inspection today.

  • A persistent sewer smell in your house
  • Slow drains across your entire home
  • Patches of grass or vegetation that are dark green and lush
  • Cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Unexplained mold or mildew growth

While each of these problems can also have other explanations, the easiest way to determine if the issue is in your sewer is to schedule a drain inspection via sewer camera in Arlington.

Getting a Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection in Arlington

Whether you want to inspect the sewer in your current house or a prospective one, call The Pipe Doctor for sewer line camera inspection in Arlington.

You can watch as we work, so you can see exactly what the camera sees. If there are any issues, we’ll explain them to you and let you know what it will take to repair them. In the end, you should know the precise state of your sewer line and feel prepared to make good decisions about buying a house or fixing the one you already have.

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