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Pipe Descaling in McLean

Pipe Descaling in McLean

If your plumbing or your sewer line isn’t working well and your plumber has mentioned that you may need to descale your plumbing pipes in McLean, contact us at The Pipe Doctor today.

We’ll help you understand what is going on in your pipes, then find the very best way to get your pipe descaling done fast! Rely on us to solve the problem fast without causing you any extra stress.

How Pipe Descaling Works

To understand pipe descaling, it’s important to understand what scale is. As water flows through your pipes, it deposits minerals inside of them. This makes the pipe rough instead of smooth, which means that it catches other debris as it flows by. Over time, this layer of minerals and debris becomes hard. This is scale.

pipe descaling & descaling sewer lines McLean

A little bit of scale isn’t a big deal, but layers of it can build upon each other. Over time, you can get so much scale in your pipes that the water and waste can’t get through anymore. This is when you need to descale your plumbing pipes. You may also need to think about descaling your sewer pipe if you’re having frequent backups and a camera inspection shows scale there.

Our plumbers all know how to descale plumbing pipes safely and efficiently. Most of the time, we’ll use hydro jetting, a process of shooting a concentrated stream of water down your pipes, to break up the scale. At that point, we may need to remove the pieces or we may be able to flush them down the line. The important thing is that we get rid of them so they can’t cause any more problems!

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Contact The Pipe Doctor to ask about pipe descaling in McLean. We would be happy to answer your questions, come take a look at your lines, or descale your plumbing pipes today.

We’ll always test your lines when we’re done and make sure you’re completely happy with the work we’ve done. If you’re not, we’ll keep working until you are!

Call us today to descale your plumbing pipes soon! Get rid of that scale once and for all so you don’t have to worry about it again! Schedule an appointment online, and ask about all our plumbing services in McLean!

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