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Sewer Line Video Inspections in McLean

An image of our sewer line video inspection services in McLean.

Did you know that our team can inspect your sewer with a camera to determine its current condition, what might need to happen to repair it, and where the issue is in your line? At The Pipe Doctor, we specialize in sewer line camera inspections in McLean. We’ll take a look at the inside of your sewer pipe, then come up with solutions to any issues we discover.

Real Estate Inspections

If you’re buying a new house, it’s worth it to invest in a sewer line camera inspection in McLean before you complete the purchase. We’ll send a sewer camera down through the sewer line via the access hatch in the house.

Our drain inspection service in McLean will make a video of the entire line. You can use this as evidence when asking the current owners to take care of the issues before you purchase or you can keep it so you know what needs to be repaired after you finish your purchase.

Troubleshooting Inspections

If you suspect sewer problems, a sewer line camera inspection in McLean can help determine precisely what is wrong and where the issue is located, or tell us where you require sewer services. The camera can show us what is clogging the sewer and tell us how big that clog might be. It can also show us cracks, holes, or other issues with your pipes so we know exactly what needs to be repaired.

Each sewer camera in McLean has a wireless locator so we can tell exactly where the problem is in the line. This allows us to plan a precise sewer repair, rather than digging up the entire sewer line to find the place where there’s an issue. It also allows us to determine the best method of sewer repair for your needs.

Finding Lost Items

If you have lost something that you love or need down the drain, then a pipe camera inspection in McLean may be the best way to get that item back.

Our drain camera inspection team will send a camera down your lines and see if we can find your lost item. If we do find it, we’ll be able to use the same camera that we used for the drain inspection to get it back out again.

If you’re looking for experts who specialize in sewer line camera inspections in McLean, contact The Pipe Doctor today! We promise to get to you quickly and get our camera down your pipes soon so you can get your sewer repair finished fast. If you’re a real estate customer, we’ll ensure that you know all you need to know about your sewer line before you purchase a new home.

Call us now and we’ll send an expert in sewer pipe camera inspections and other plumbing services in McLean to your door ASAP! Stop waiting because sewer problems only get worse over time! Instead, be proactive about taking care of your sewer when you get a drain camera inspection soon.

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