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Pipe Descaling in Spotsylvania

pipe descaling spotsylvania

If you are having trouble with frequent backups in your drains or your sewer line, your plumber will probably check to see if you need to descale your plumbing pipes. This is a process that most homeowners never hear about until they have to have it done in their house. Here’s what you need to know about pipe descaling in Spotsylvania.

What is Pipe Descaling?

Scale is a substance that builds up on the inside of your pipes. As water flows through your pipes, it deposits minerals that dry, then create a rough texture. This texture picks up other substances that flow through the pipes. Over time, all of this dries onto the sides of your pipes. It can build up until water and waste can’t get through anymore.

When you descale your plumbing pipes, you remove this substance so that your pipes can function normally once again. Removing the scale allows everything to flow freely so you don’t have to worry about clogs and backups anymore.

How We Descale Your Plumbing Pipes

All of our plumbers know how to descale pipes. The process usually isn’t hard, whether we are descaling indoor lines or descaling a sewer pipe. In fact, it’s pretty straightforward.

Most of the time, we use hydro jetting to get rid of scale. This process involves shooting a highly concentrated stream of water into your pipes. We direct the water at the scale and it is so powerful that it can break up the pieces of scale so they fall off your pipe. Sometimes, we have to go in and remove these pieces manually. Other times, we can keep spraying them until they move all the way down your line and into the city sewer line.

If hydro jetting won’t work because of what your sewer lines are made of or because it might damage your lines, your plumber has other options for removing scale, too. No matter what we need to do to descale your plumbing pipes, we’ll get the job done as fast as we can.

Rely on The Pipe Doctor whenever you need to descale plumbing pipes. We’ll get rid of that scale fast so you can get on with your life! Make your appointment with one of our Spotsylvania plumbers today!

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