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Pipe Descaling in Stafford

When you need to descale plumbing pipes in Stafford, rely on our expertise at The Pipe Doctor. We’ll work with you to help you understand what needs to happen to get your water or waste flowing freely once again.

Pipe descaling can sound overwhelming but we do it every day! Here’s what you need to know to feel more confident about making good decisions for your plumbing and your home.

What is Pipe Descaling?

A whole lot of waste and/or water flows through your pipes every day! Over time, the water can leave mineral deposits. These make the pipe sides rough so that other things can stick to them, too. Over time, this combination of minerals and other debris creates a hard substance that we call “scale.”

descale pipe stafford va

Layers of scale can build upon each other until there’s not enough room in your pipe for water or waste to flow. This is when plumbing problems show up. You may not have enough water pressure to perform normal tasks or your sewer might back up or show signs that it is struggling.

At that point, you need a plumber in Stafford to descale your plumbing pipes. This process involves using highly-pressurized streams of water or chemical solvents to get rid of the scale. Your plumber will also need to remove the scale or wash it down the line to make sure it doesn’t cause more issues in the future.

Using Pipe Descaling for Your Home

All of our plumbers know how to descale plumbing pipes effectively and safely. Whether they are descaling your fresh water line or descaling a sewer pipe, they will first determine how much scale you have, how hard it is, and how extensive the problem is.

Armed with that information, they will decide how best to get rid of the scale. Whenever possible, we use hydro jetting, or the highly-pressurized stream of water. This technique is safe for both sewer lines and fresh water lines and can usually descale your plumbing pipes fast.

No matter what, we’ll work until all your scale is gone!

Call us at The Pipe Doctor today to descale your plumbing pipes in Stafford soon! Get rid of your scale problem for good, with the help of professional plumbers in Stafford!

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