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How Does a Well Pump Work?

Do you use well water in your home? If you do, then you likely have a well pump and a pressure tank. It’s important that you understand the basics of how your well water pump works so that you know when to call for help and how to keep your drinking water safe.

At The Pipe Doctor, we have well pump experts on staff for you. Call us with your questions or to make an appointment and we’ll help you keep your well running, no matter what.

What is a Well Pump?

Most home water systems have a pump that is submerged under the water level in the well. This well pump transfers water from the well to your home. Some systems have a jet pump. This pump sits on top of the ground and draws water out of the earth for use in your house.

In addition, well water systems need a way to pressurize the water that you use so you can make it as forceful as you need it. Some systems use gravity to pressurize the water. Other systems pump water into a storage tank, where it stays until you need it in your house. This tank is attached to a pressure tank. The water passes through the pressure tank before it arrives at your faucet. The tank allows water pressure to build until it is at the levels you desire.

How a Well Pump Works


There are many types of well pumps. The one that works best for you will be compatible with your system and will get you all the water that you and your family need. Each pump works slightly differently, so it’s hard to explain how a well pump works without knowing exactly what you have installed.

If you need some help with a well water pump, give us a call at The Pipe Doctor. We’ll send one of our well experts to your home fast. Your expert will examine your system, let you know what kind of pump you have, and get you all the information you need to know your system well and make wise decisions about it.

Well Water Pumps in Fredericksburg

When it comes to well water systems, you want to make sure that you have experts you can call on whenever you need well pump service in Fredericksburg. After all, this is your drinking water you’re talking about! You don’t want to mess with possible problems, contamination, or any other issues. Contact us at the first sign of an issue or with any questions and we’ll get you the answers you need fast. Make an appointment online here!

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