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Upgrading And Upsizing Your Sewer Lines Through Trenchless Technology

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The are instances when you need to upgrade and upsize your sewer lines. This can be a daunting task, especially when considering the disruption and renovation that comes with the process. Pipe lining in Alexandria, VA can get it done in a more efficient and less invasive way. It will help improve your sewer system without the added stress and hassles.

Effective Ways To Upgrade Your Sewer

One of the key methods used in this process is trenchless pipe lining. Unlike traditional sewer line replacement, trenchless pipe lining doesn’t need extensive digging. It creates a new inner pipe layer within the existing one using a flexible liner loaded with resin. This cures in place, forming a strong and durable new pipe that is noncorrosive and can withstand.

A variation of pipe lining called pipe bursting is effective for upsizing pipes to increase capacity and performance. It uses the same method but the process destroys the old pipe in place using a drilling head while pulling the new pipe into place. This is also the go-to process when the location is challenging and you want to keep the landscape or structure intact.

How Repair Companies Handle These Situations

You need experienced pipe lining companies for a successful trenchless sewer upgrade. They have the necessary expertise and advanced equipment to carry out these procedures. They use camera inspections first to analyze and plan the trenchless lining process. A good industry track record makes sure these replacements are correct and effective.

When upgrading and upsizing sewer lines, pipe lining companies use various trenchless techniques for your specific situation. If the goal is to increase the diameter of the sewer pipes, the existing pipe is first cleaned before proceeding with the procedure. This not only strengthens the sewer line. It also increases its capacity to handle higher volumes of wastewater, which is essential for properties undergoing expansion or increased usage.

You can achieve a more reliable and higher-capacity sewer system without the extensive excavation and costs of traditional sewer line replacement. Call The Pipe Doctor Plumbing and Drain so we can plan and do the proper repairs ASAP.

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