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What is Pipe Descaling?

Have you heard about pipe descaling and you’re wondering if it’s right for you? Or maybe a plumber has told you that you need to consider having it done but you don’t know what that means. No matter your reason for seeking more information on descaling a sewer pipe, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you need to know to understand pipe descaling and decide if it is the right option for you.

What is Scale?


Scale is a substance that builds up on the inside of your pipes. It is made up of all sorts of things: mineral deposits from your water, grease that hardens, other things that get stuck in the abovementioned buildup.

Over time, all of these things harden together to become a substance that can block your pipes. This substance is called scale and, given enough time, it can fully line the insides of pipes. Cast iron pipes tend to get scale buildup worse than other kinds but most pipes have the potential of developing scale.

When it comes to descaling a cast iron pipe or any other type of pipe, we’ll make sure that the job gets done safely and quickly.

Why Does Scale Need to Be Removed?

Scale can block the flow of water and waste through your pipes. If it builds up on an incoming water pipe (which is less likely), you’ll have trouble getting the water you need to go about your daily routines.

If it builds up in your sewers or in your drain pipes, you’ll end up with blocked sewer lines and frequent backups. In fact, scale can be a top cause of blocked sewer lines in some areas. Since you need your sewer line to drain well, you’ll want our experts to get to work descaling your sewer pipe fast!

How Does Pipe Descaling Work?

There are many possible ways to descale a pipe. One of the most common is to just hydro jetting. We’ll spray a concentrated stream of water toward the areas of your pipes where scale has built up. It should remove the scale and leaver your pipe looking brand new!

If hydro jetting won’t work because your pipes are fragile or otherwise damaged, we’ll find a way to get rid of your scale so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Before long, our Alexandria plumbers will have your home back to normal!

Call us at The Pipe Doctor whenever you have scale buildup or your sewers and drains aren’t working. We’ll find out what the problem is ASAP. If you need pipe descaling in Alexandria, we’ll get straight to work and finish the job as soon as possible. Our goal is always to get your family back to their normal routines fast!

Call us or click here to make your appointment for descaling your sewer pipes in Alexandria today!

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