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Who Is Responsible For Sewer Repairs In A House Sale?

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Selling a home in good condition must mean top-to-bottom accountability, from the roof, down to its sewer lines. Sewer repairs become necessary either before or after a sale. Getting pipe lining in Alexandria, VA is mandatory for repairs yes, but who will take care of it?

Accountability For Pipe and Sewer Repairs

Often, the seller is responsible for disclosing any known issues with the sewer lines before the sale. This includes informing the buyer of any past repairs, maintenance history, or ongoing problems.

In real estate transactions, the responsibility for sewer repairs can differ. But there will be conditional terms involved when responsibility shifts. 

The financial responsibility for repairs depends on local regulations, contractual agreements, and initial negotiations. In many cases, sellers address sewer issues preemptively by conducting repairs or maintenance before listing the property. This proactive approach gives the seller the upper hand in pricing and property value, as a house with no issues demands bigger cash in real estate.

Compromise Over Unaddressed Plumbing Issues

Alternatively, sellers may choose to offer concessions or credits to buyers to cover the cost of sewer repairs after the sale. This causes the property value to go down, as the responsibility shifts to the buyer. They will be the ones to handle all aspects of the repair, including delays from repairs and figuring out the process.

Expert pipe lining companies can handle both professional inspections and repairs. They will combine camera inspections with trenchless technology. Any problems discovered during the inspection will dictate the negotiations with the seller.

Homeowners have a better sewer repair option with trenchless repair. Cured-In-Place Pipe or CIPP lining fixes existing pipes without extensive excavation. It’s fast, convenient, and noninvasive. Best of all, the new pipe layer cures in place within a day.

Whoever takes on the responsibility, trenchless pipe lining is the best option. You don’t need it to add to the extra stress and delays of buying a new house. Call The Pipe Doctor Plumbing and Drain for a seamless trenchless repair or replacement today. Entrust it to the specialists serving the local community since 1984.

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