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Pipe Descaling

Pipe Descaling Service in Alexandria, VA The Pipe Doctor Plumbing has a team of experts here to help make sure your property’s sewage system stays in good condition. Over time, the extensive use of your plumbing will start to affect your pipes, with scale and sediment building up. If you think your waste system may […]


Drain Cleaning

Clogged Drain Repair & Sewer Drain Repair in Alexandria, VA In an area like Alexandria, where we never get 300 days of warm weather, clogged drains can quickly become a nightmare. Rapid temperature changes and the cold weather during the winter season can easily cause damage to residential plumbing. That’s why at The Pipe Doctor […]


Leak Detection & Leak Repair

Leak Detection and Leak Repairs in Alexandria, VA Leaks are some of the most annoying plumbing problems that can affect your home. Oftentimes they can even go unnoticed for days, weeks, and even months, if they are not in an easily visible location. We have made it our mission to be the best Alexandria leak […]


Sewer & Water Line Repair

Water & Sewer Line Repair in Alexandria, VA Problems with your water and sewer line can quickly develop into problematic emergencies. A wide range of plumbing issues; such as sewage backup, clogged pipes, leakage, and breakage, can all cause severe damage to your property – resulting in costly and lengthy sewer line repair. This is why […]


Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera & Video Drain Inspections in Alexandria, VA At The Pipe Doctor, we’re dedicated to providing plumbing & drain services that are not only exceptionally efficient but also remarkably accurate as well. This is why we make it our priority to be the best Alexandria camera inspection service provider. Durable waterproof cameras are one […]


Water Heater Services

Water Heater Replacement and Installations in Alexandria Helping homeowners to maintain comfort in their homes is a big part of what we do at The Pipe Doctor. Water heaters are one of the most important in-home elements, providing comfort and warmth, especially during the colder months in Alexandria! So, when the water heater in your […]



Hydrojetting Services in Alexandria, VA Storm drains are often put to the test in the Alexandria area. Though high rainfall totals will cause flooding, much of the flooding in our local streets and neighborhoods aren’t caused by rainfall alone. Often time, they come from the debris that storm drains collect after each storm. Hydrojetting is […]


Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Repairs and Installations in Alexandria Although we serve residential customers, at The Pipe Doctor Plumbing & Drain, we also specialize in commercial plumbing services. As a business owner, you need to provide your staff, as well as customers, vendors, contractors, visitors, and others with a working plumbing system. When facing any type of […]


Well Pump Repair & Installation

Well Pump Repairs & Installations in Alexandria, VA Just like how your heart is responsible for pumping blood to the rest of your body, your well pumps responsible for pumping water to the rest of your home. Your home’s well pumps needs regular maintenance – just like your heart needs to be taken care of […]

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