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Hard Water And Its Effects On Water Quality, Plumbing, And Appliances

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Every plumber in Arlington, VA is aware of the issues associated with hard water. It affects not only water quality but also pipes and connected appliances. It can be challenging to deal with all these issues, but there are ways to solve them.

Hard Water And Your Home Facilities

Hard water is a common issue in the water supply caused by high mineral content, primarily calcium and magnesium. It’s not harmful to health, but hard water can have several adverse effects on plumbing infrastructure and appliances. It can lead to costly plumbing repairs.

Hard water causes limescale buildup inside pipes, faucets, and fixtures, depending on the level of hardness. This mineral deposit restricts water flow, leading to reduced water pressure and blockages. Limescale buildup can cause corrosion and deterioration of home plumbing, increasing the risk of leaks and pipe damage.

Furthermore, hard water can affect the performance and lifespan of household appliances, such as water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines. The mineral deposits that accumulate inside these appliances reduce their efficiency. The limescale buildup will insulate the heating elements. It will restrain its energy efficiency and increase energy costs.

Impact On Water Quality

Hard water can also impact water quality. The minerals present in hard water can create soap scum and residue. This makes it more difficult to lather soap and shampoo.

High-level-hard water can also be harsh on the skin. This makes it difficult for washing and bathing and leads to irritation. The combination of soap and hard water can make it worse.

Minerals in hard water leave a film on dishes, glassware, and surfaces after washing. This can result in dull-looking dishes and surfaces and necessitate more frequent cleaning.

Despite these different issues, there are effective solutions available. Water filters, softeners, and conditioners are among the top devices against hard water. A specialist plumbing company can recommend different water treatment devices, based on the severity of the hard water problem and the needs of a household.

If you want an effective and long-term solution to hard water at home, call The Pipe Doctor Plumbing and Drain. Entrust it to the local plumbing industry authority since 1984.

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