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Why Cast Iron Pipes Need Eventual Replacing

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The Pipe Doctor Plumbing and Drain is a leading provider of professional sewer repair in Alexandria, VA. We’re committed to looking out for the interests of our established and prospective clients alike. 

We’re always seeking ways to educate local property owners. We offer the following facts on various conditions that might necessitate the replacement of cast iron sewer lines.

Extensive Corrosion

Cast iron is prone to corroding when exposed to wastewater for extended periods. Naturally occurring minerals and artificially created soil contaminants can also promote its breakdown. This necessitates prompt sewer pipe repair work.

Age-related Deterioration

Although cast iron is strong and durable, it has an expected service life of 50 years when used as sewer line piping. Cast iron hasn’t been the sewer line material of choice for several decades. Many cast iron sewer pipes currently in existence might be on the verge of sewer line replacement with newer piping material.

Shifting and Settling

Pipe shifting and settling are common problems for all types of sewer systems. In some cases, the separations between pipe sections are only addressed by extensive sewer line repair or replacement.

Complete Pipeline Collapse

In a rare event, your cast iron sewer line can completely collapse due to a manufacturer’s defect. Or, it can experience crushing by heavy overburden. In these cases, simple repair services won’t be effective. The line will need to be completely replaced by a traditional or trenchless sewer repair method.

You should contact our team at The Pipe Doctor Plumbing and Drain for your cast iron sewer pipe issues. Learn more about how professional sewer repair services may benefit your property. 

We have extensive experience in the plumbing industry since 1984. Schedule an appointment today to evaluate the condition of your existing system at your earliest convenience.

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