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Why Hydro Jetting Should be Part of Your Sewer and Drain Maintenance

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Sewer line jetting is a useful method for clearing debris from sewer and drain lines. Its powerful, pressurized water jet streams force out most pipe blockages. Drain cleaning in Alexandria, VA should be part of every residential and commercial property maintenance plan for the following reasons.

Sewer Back-up Avoidance

If you’ve ever had a clogged drain at your property, you know the hassles and headaches that can ensue. Regular pipe jetting will remove roots, grease, food waste, discarded items, and other debris from your drains and sewer lines. Use it to head off sewer line back-ups before they have a chance to occur.

Corrosion Protection

Tree roots and other blockages can promote corrosion that can weaken a pipeline. It stalls and slows down wastewater. Our drain cleaning services will remove obstructions wherever they occur inside the line. Wastewater can flow smoothly instead of becoming trapped in the line.

Damage Prevention

Aside from contributing to blockages and other problems, roots can cause damage to a pipeline’s structural integrity. As the roots grow, they break down the piping material. This may lead to sewer line leaks and even complete pipeline collapse. The pipe jetting services from our drain cleaning company can demolish even tough, stubborn roots.

Snaking Versus Jetting

Drain snaking is another pipe-cleaning method that we provide. But it does not apply to every situation. They are effective at clearing blockages but not cleaning the surface walls of the pipe. 

Sewer line jetting utilizes the power of pressurized water to clear pipelines. It is suitable for use on most types and ages of piping. It also washes away elements once they fall off the inner pipe surfaces.

If slow-moving drains or backed-up sewer lines are plaguing your property, give the staff of The Pipe Doctor Plumbing & Drain a call today. We’ll schedule an appointment to provide hydro jetting at your location at your earliest convenience.

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