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Hydro Jetting Alexandria

Hydro Jetting in Alexandria, VA

hydrojet in Alexandria, va

Storm drains are often put to the test in the Alexandria area. Though high rainfall totals will cause flooding, much of the flooding in our local streets and neighborhoods aren’t caused by rainfall alone. Often time, they come from the debris that storm drains collect after each storm. Hydro jetting is one effective solution that helps keep your business or home safe from debris-induced flooding.

What is hydro jetting and what are its benefits?

It is the use of high pressure water being jetted onto pipes and drains. The pressure of the water (7,000 psi and higher) unclogs pipes and debris to allow pipes and drains to keep water out. There are several benefits of hydro jetting.

Clog removal – Many tools, such as snakes and plungers can remove clogs. However, they are only able to remove minor clogs to your pipes. The high pressure of hydro jetting is stronger than what any snake or plunger can address.

Natural and fine deposit removal – Sewage and many other large solids can develop rather suddenly in your pipes. But mineral deposits and other small solids such as hair can be immune from a deep plunger plunge. Hydro jetting can take care of these with no problem.

Environmentally Safe – We do not use unsafe chemicals when we hydrojet. All we use is water.

At Pipe Doctor Plumbing we hydro jet storm drains and other pipes daily. Let our fully trained plumbing experts come take care of the messy work for you! Call us at 703-634-4505 or click here to contact us for a free estimate!

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